Visionary entrepreneurs, connected by a common vision, teamed up to establish Shubh Developers in 2011. The collective insights, competencies and diverse experiences created a strong synergy of abilities.

A code of excellence emerged from this buzzing talent pool. It has concretely shaped our organization over the years, gaining us the trust and confidence of a discerning clientele.

We craft landmarks at handpicked locations in the city's upscale neighbourhoods. Our flair for quality and eye for detail are evident at every stage of the building construction lifecycle.

Working with a holistic approach, we look at real estate as an engine of socio-economic growth for the nation at large. It is an indicator of progress and a yardstick of development. At Shubh Developers, we are happy to play our part as India makes rapid strides into the future.

To be an enabler of growth for all our stakeholders and be acknowledged as a stellar icon of trust and excellence.

To create harmonious spaces to touch 1 lakh customers’ lives and infuse a sense of fulfillment in their hearts and minds by the end of 2025.

Our Growth Engine

Ramesh Agarwal
(Founding Partner)

'Principles before profits' - it is this uplifting philosophy that has always inspired Ramesh Agarwal, the most senior Partner at Shubh Developers. Graduating in physics from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Rameshji started out as a humble neighbourhood trader. Running a grocery store for over 20 years set the stage for bigger accomplishments for him in the real estate industry. With an accurate pulse on the unfolding market, he leverages his deep insights to efficiently manage the Construction vertical at Shubh Developers. A powerhouse of business acumen, he is a visionary mentor, playing a pivotal role in setting the strategic direction for the company's future

Rajesh Mittal
(Founding Partner)

Gifted with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched interpersonal skills, Rajesh inspires everyone at Shubh with his warm smile and sharp wit. He can outdo any well articulated B-school grad with his rich, hands-on experience and social acumen, despite having limited exposure to formal education. Upgrading himself from a small hardware store owner, he forayed into the big game of steel trading. Growing from the ground up, he transformed himself into a top steel supplier to some of the best construction houses in town. Specializing in land acquisition and liaisoning, Rajesh has the gut instinct to tell which particular plot has the potential to turn into a landmark address. He is also an affirmed troubleshooter and problem-solver for the team, whose sound advice is sought by one and all.

Kailash Agarwal
(Founding Partner)

Kailash Agarwal is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in construction work, sales, and management. Sice the beginning of his career, his goal was to excel as a hardcore entrepreneur, and was determined to make his business a success. His father, Ramkumar Agarwal, instilled in him the values of loyalty and hard work, which he has carried with him throughout his career. Mr. Kailash Agarwal's spirit and principles led him to join the construction business, where he started Shubh Developers. As the head of the company, he oversees all construction activities and office administration. He believes that customer satisfaction is the key to long-term success in any business and ensures that every project undertaken by Shubh Developers meets the highest quality standards.

Jagmohan Mittal
(Founding Partner)

Mr. Jagmohan Mittal is a successful entrepreneur known for his hard work, dedication, and commitment. He is a humble and down-to-earth personality, which has helped him to build strong relationships with his clients and employees. Mr. Mittal strongly believes in relationship-based selling, which is an approach that focuses on building long-term relationships with clients. Under Mr. Mittal's leadership, Shubh has grown into a successful construction business known for its high-quality work and timely delivery. His vision of focusing on people has helped the company to create a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration, which has played a significant role in the company's success.

Vishal Agarwal
(Founding Partner)

A prodigious number cruncher and a shrewd entrepreneur with a razor-sharp brain, Vishal Agarwal is one of the youngest Founding Partner of Shubh Developers. He hails from an enterprising family, bringing with him a wealth of practical knowledge in industrial land dealing. A D. Y. Patil College Alumnus, he holds a Master's degree in Commerce and nurtures a deep fascination for figures. Vishal competently heads the Accounts & Finance function in the company.

Anuj Agarwal
(Founding Partner)

Brands and a better vision for the future have always fascinated Anuj. He believes that owning a business is different from owning a brand. A Mechanical engineer by qualification, Anuj fulfilled his urge for knowledge by completing relevant courses in Marketing, Financial Accountingand Entrepreneurship. Anuj has adopted this approach of starving for perfection in every action from his father, Dr. B. R. Agarwal. His holistic approach has helped tremendously in crafting a cooperative ecosystem for Shubh Developers. He is one of the founding partners of Shubh Developers. He has indeed been instrumental in creating the brand story for the company, which is anchored in the inspiring philosophy of ‘Let’s Rise’.

Anshul Bansal
(Founding Partner)

Mr. Anshul Bansal is an accomplished architect with a Master of Architecture from Cardiff University in the UK. He has been practicing as an architect since 2014 and has worked with several renowned architects in Mumbai and the UK, honing his skills and gaining experience in the field. After the master's, Mr. Bansal joined the team at Shubh, where he has been a key contributor to the development and planning of their projects. He is highly regarded in the industry and is known for his ability to create designs that meet the unique needs of his clients.


Mr. Imran Shaikh
Architect & Director,
Cubix Architects Associates

I feel happy to share that I have experienced progressive growth during my association with Shubh Developers over the last decade. Shubh has indeed played an important role in the rise of my firm. All the projects are landmark ventures, some of which are even nominated for various awards. Working with Shubh is akin to working with friends and family members. The best part is that their involvement in projects is greater than mine, which has led to such outstanding outcomes.

Mr. Mahesh Chinchalkar
Landscape Designer and Director

I have delightfully discovered that engaging with Shubh Developers vibes with an upbeat mood. Their inclusive working style engages their stakeholders and inspires them to be associated for the long haul. As they give full latitude to their designers and consultants, we can use our creativity to the fullest. All the Directors are visionary entrepreneurs, who bring clarity and focus to the project design.

Mr. Nilesh Laddad
Managing Director,
Planedge Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

As one of Pune's leading Project Management companies, we share a strong professional association with Shubh Developers, spanning over 9 years. In fact, I feel happy to mention that their first project was in collaboration with us. Over the years, they have crossed new milestones of success marked by accelerated growth. Their high-performance team works with a clear quality focus and delivers best-in-class residential and commercial spaces. Shubh is truly a forward thinking realty business that would be instrumental in shaping a world class skyline for Pune.

Mr. Prateek Garg
General Manager, Sales
Shubh Developers

At large, all the businesses can be classified into two categories. First being where a business will help you spend your money and second is where business will help you make more money. Shubh developers falls into the latter one where we primarily help all our stakeholders like clients and investors maximize their wealth through real estate transactions. The only reason why we have been so successful so far is because we have leveraged prime locations of Pune to create more and more value for everyone. Over the past decade we have mastered the art of value creation and with Shubh developers, you and your money is in the right place.

12 YEARS Well Spent Crafting & Nurturing Bonds!

Holding our vision close to our heart, we work with a singular focus of gaining the appreciation and trust of our customers. Distinctive architecture, inspired craftsmanship, superior quality of construction and exemplary customer service make up the bedrock of our rapidly growing business.